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Useful resources for Mandarin learners

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Jul. 6th, 2008 | 03:03 pm
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Ok, I'm not sure how useful this entry will be to people learning Chinese, but at least this entry of online resources have helped me in my lyrics translations, like, A LOT. And, also, prevents my Chinese from getting rusty. So, I thought I'll just do an entry on them, at least I can refer to them in case I delete my bookmarks accidentally or something. ><

1, Chinese Tools [HERE]
This is a website with many, many useful tools. I've been using it since a few years back. There's an online Chinese-to-English dictionary but it's not a comprehensive as I wish it'd be. The tool that I find most useful is the 'Chinese Pronunciation Tool'. It helps generate the pinyin of the characters you key in.

Really convenient. There are other stuff on the website like Traditional-to-Simplified translator and fun stuff like Chinese Name Gender Guesser and some lyrics translations.

2, Dict.cn [HERE]
An online Chinese-to-English, English-to-Chinese dictionary. It's a little better than the one Chinese Tools provide. It's a little more comprehensive, lists phrases associated to the character searched and also examples of sentences. And you can even choose to output the Chinese words as image, when you accessed the English version of the site.

3, 在线新华字典 [HERE]
Unfortunately, this site is in Chinese. I would recommend this website for more advanced learners. The Chinese dictionary is one of the better ones I've seen online and there are also other interesting resources available, like a lunar calendar, factsheets of China, a timeline of China's history and so on and so on. Some of the apps can only be accessed from the links in small print at the bottom of the page.

4, 句子成分分析 [HERE]
Again, this is in Chinese. A short summary of the grammar makeup of a sentence. I haven't read it yet, but it does look useful...

5, 七色花的blog [HERE]
Blog filled with mock papers for elementary Chinese, essays and other really useful stuff. I just found it, so I'm still exploring, okay.

6, 靖江外国语学校 [HERE]
In Chinese, again. There are essays and articles for advanced learners (I'm definitely not referring to the advanced level of native speakers). The organization is just a little messy but you'll figure out soon enough.

7, Moji (Mozilla Addon) [HERE]
It was initially an addon meant for helping people learn Japanese but I guess they expanded it and made available a Chinese-to-insertotherlanguageshere dictionary available to add on to this nifty tool. To install, just follow the instructions on the website. Go to the automated installation section on the installation page and download whatever dictionaries you want + the main .xpi file. Restart fiefox after download completes. Then, go to the addons page of your firefox and click on 'options' of moji (the main one). A 'Configure Moji' windows should pop up, go to 'Word Dictionaries' and select a dictionary. Click '+' and it should automatically appear in the white space, aka 3.

You're all ready to use MOJI! Just press ALT+M in your firefox browser. Highlight the words you want to check and click the button 'Word' in the MOJI sidebar.

8, Chinese Perapera-kun (Mozilla Addon) [HERE]
"Simply put, this extension will allow you read Chinese on websites. This is useful for just getting around a site, or even MORE useful if you are studying Chinese. It works with both Simplified and Traditional characters, and also allows you to..." There's a Japanese version of the same tool.  If there's one thing I don't like about this, it's that it doesn't allow you to highlight anything while on a page with Perakun activated. Which means I can't use MOJI...=(

After installing, go to Tools, Chinese Perakun to enable/disable it for a certain page. Chinese Perakun will only work in the specific tab that you have enabled it in.

9, Microsoft Global Input Method Editor (IME) [HERE]
I bet everyone knows what this is. And I swear everyone should get this. Years back, people had to pay tens to hundreds of dollars for Chinese Inputting softwares, but not with IME anymore! =P This is the best thing Microsoft came up with after Windows XP. (p.s, I'm just bs here, don't take me seriously. ). It's available for many other languages too. I have the Japanese one too.

And lastly, I would like to end off with this article my Chinese teacher showed me when I was still in school and I thought it was quite thought-provoking and blahblah. It's a series of articles called '生存其实很简单' (Survival is Actually Very Simple).

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